“No” does not mean Grexit

I read that Juncker, Mattheo Renzi, Sigmar Gabriel, Francois Hollande, all said that Greek voters would effectively be deciding whether or not they wanted to “stay in the eurozone”, and that a “no” vote by Greek voters on Sunday’s referendum would point to the country’s departure from the euro. Can you please explain to us mere mortals, why so? Maybe I am missing something, but as far as I am concerned: Greece can still default in the Eurozone. Member states would still have to amend the treaty, so Greece can only exit the Eurozone not via the outcome of this referendum, but ex post facto. And it is not Juncker’s, Renzi’s, Gabriel’s, or Hollande’s decision to make. How do treaties get modified/ratified, if I may ask? Do these men imply that in their minds the treaty has already changed, and as it is in their head thus it shall happen?

I call their bluff. The treaties have not changed, and they’ll go through hell to amend them. This is their greatest fear, which they are trying to transfer onto the Greek voters. Scaremongering.


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