Mood and the burden of Da-Sein

Information on an upcoming talk I am giving. All Welcome.

“Mood and the burden of Da-Sein”

Wednesday, 4th of February 2015, 16:30- 18:00, Fulton 114, University of Sussex.

Abstract: In Being and Time, Heidegger argues that disposition is one of the ways through which “Being-there” [Da-Sein] is constituted. Disposition, through moods, reveal “Being-in-the-World” as a whole, as well as enable intentional directedness. Moods also disclose facticity as the burdensome character of Da-Sein. In this context, Heidegger sometimes appears to take an essentialist position whereby disposition is a way of relating to facticity, which is something like a “state-of-affairs” that essentially a burden, difficult, painful, and threatening. Dasein’s normal moods avoid this burden, and this must be reversed. Thus, it seems unavoidable that Heidegger must turn to an analysis of fear and Angst. In this talk, I will identify certain problems with this interpretation and try to resolve them by paying attention to the twofold meaning of burden, as well as a deeper analysis of the notion of facticity.

*If you want to prepare, please read §29 from Being and Time.


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