Syriza on EU’s sanctions on Russia

Friends have been asking me about the new Greek government’s negative stance towards new EU sanctions against Russia. And some Greeks themselves were very worried. What will Tsipras do? Head-on collision with the EU, also on Russia?

Schulz himself was alarmed and warned Tsipras that he can’t be asking for solidarity on economic issues but not support the EU stance on Russia [see here –>… ]

(By the way, Cyprus was also dismayed with new proposed sanctions against Russia.)

But let us make something clear. Firstly, my own assessment is that this need not be a signal of a change of course, but rather a tactical move by Tsipras: A warning shot just to say “we are here, we are a new government and we are tough, we are not Eurosceptics but don’t take us for granted either. We will need to *take* things in order to *give*” [Yes, fiscal policies for foreign policies.]

But secondly: There are others in Europe who are not fond of harsher boycotting of Russia. Shall I name one? GABRIEL! The German vice chancellor himself! [See here –>…/ukraine-gabriel-gegen-schnelle-vers… ]

What if Germany and Greece are tacitly together on this? (Oups! Things suddenly got more complicated, beyond red or blue“)


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