Merkel’s subtle shift

Reuters offers a special report on “Merkel’s subtle shift”. On a general level, I think that this change in Merkel’s (CDU’s) rhetoric is a slight restructuring of her already existing political logos, in the context of the upcoming German elections (September). The CDU lies in-between the SPD and the AfD. The AfD changed the landscape by offering an alternative that was not there before (the destructuring of the Eurozone via modifying the EU agreements in order to allow countries to exit the Eurozone), thus channeling certain momentum towards the right. At the same time, the SPD needed to rejuvenate its own logos in order to differentiate itself from the CDU in terms of Merkel’s Eurozone policies (one of SPD’s main problems being that its Eurozone crisis policies were essentially indistinguishable from Merkel’s, thus making the SPD a silent-supporter of her). So while the SPD tries to distinguish itself, Merkel (CDU) is also in turn forced to make small rhetorical/political adjustments herself. But these adjustments -to my understanding- are a matter of consolidation of the general approach she has maintained thus far concerning the Eurozone, vis-a-vis the resistance to the creation of a European banking union, the issuing of Eurobonds etc.

Germany has taken a tough line on the creation of a European banking union, a project seen as vital to overcoming the restrictive lending policies of banks in southern Europe. In the run-up to the September election, Schaeuble has insisted that full union, with a central authority for winding down banks, is only possible with changes to the EU treaty.

Source: (Retrieved: 28/5/13, at 10:18 GMT)


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