A Reply to Wirtschafts Woche’s article on Cyprus

Article in Wirtschafts Woche on Cyprus

Some German Media are really OPENING PANDORA’S BOX aren’t they? Brace yourself for an avalanche of misrepresenting stereotyping of the Cypriots, whereby one German newspaper says something about the Russian money (see Spiegel article of previous week), then another one now adds the geographical location of Cyprus as suddenly being another defining problem, then it will probably be the darker skin color, then the Mediterranean temperament etc etc. Of course! Of course! We (Cypriots) are not “real Europeans”. You are right. Maybe though we should ASK ANEW: WHAT DID YOU REALLY MEAN BY “EUROPEAN”?

But let me point out a very important phrasing here, to show how propagandist and “selective” this article is: “Allein die geografische Lage spricht dagegen; Zypern liegt näher am Libanon als am nächsten EU-Nachbarn Griechenland”. Translation: “The geographical location of Cyprus by itself [also] speaks against it [i.e. the incorporation of Cyprus in the EU]: Cyprus lies closer to Lebanon than the closest EU-neighbour, Greece”. But, I say, the objective truth is this: Cyprus is much closer to Turkey than to Lebanon. That’s a geographical fact. Why did the author go for Lebanon instead of Turkey in that argument?
Does Turkey have a position in the EU, geographically? If yes, then we can already argue that Cyprus is closer to Turkey than Lebanon, and the problem of geographical distance of Cyprus from the rest of the EU would be resolved. If no, if Turkey doesn’t belong to the EU geographically, then why didn’t you say Cyprus is much closer to Turkey than Greece? Surely that would have made your argument even stronger in absolute geographical terms. Because you would have the chance to argue that Cyprus is a mere 75 kilometers away from non-European land (distance of Cyprus from Turkey). But by choosing Lebanon, you compromised your argument and went for the bigger distance of 105 kilometers (distance of Lebanon from Cyprus).
The point is this: Geographically, Cyprus is closer to Turkey. And you have to replace Turkey in that brilliant argument of yours, with either Lebanon or Greece. Oh but wait a minute. I forgot. You don’t want to either upset the Turks (especially not the 2 million working in Germany) nor do you want to say that Turkey geographically belongs to the EU. RIGHT?

But why not? If its geographical location is the criterion, and if you can argue so clearly with a yes or a no when it comes to Cyprus, appealing to objective distances, then why did you not go for Turkey for a better measure?

P.S. Let’s ask WIRTSCHAFTS WOCHE: CAN Turkey belong to the EU geographically? I dipped my hand in your Pandora’s Box, and LOOK oh LOOK what I found: the Question of Turkey! So let’s raise it then! Or maybe, this time, just this time, the ambiguity of raising, lifting, in the ambiguous sense of “AUFHEBUNG”, comes to our rescue! Errrr: tou YOUR rescue I meant.


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2 Responses to A Reply to Wirtschafts Woche’s article on Cyprus

  1. bufferer says:

    interesting turn toward space.. and language… and biopolitics… and how all these are stirred up into the same argument. but it is true, we are dark skinned and why did we never dignify a Mediterranean Union? Then Germany would have been, by lack of shores, out.

  2. Johnd710 says:

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